SWR Case Study


On several occasions our teams have demonstrated exceptional service and gone above and beyond of what was expected. Below we describe one of those occasions.

30th September 2022

NRT6 - Porchester Station

  • While performing a patrol at Porchester Station our team was informed by the station staff that there was a young girl in tears next to the bridge. The team approached the girl to find out what the problem was. She informed the team that her brother was suicidal and had come to this bridge before to jump and was currently missing.
  • The mother of the girl then arrived at the scene and provided a description of her son. The officer took down their contact details and told them that if he came to the station, they would contact them so the mother and daughter could continue searching for him.
  • 1 NRT officer was then deployed to patrol around the station and the other officer stayed on the bridge.
  • The team managed to find the boy and contacted the mother to take him home. The team's response and presence at the station likely prevented a potential suicide.

Overview of Partnership

SWR Case Study
  • Since August 2022 Assist has been providing South Western Railway (SWR) with additional security cover during strikes, protests and major public events.
  • The aim of the deployments has been to assist the SWR Teams (Guards and Station Teams), help the public, reduce crime and anti-social behaviour on the SWR Network.
  • Since May 2022 we have provided 24/7 security at SWR’s train depot in Wimbledon
  • First ever joint training programme between a rail provider and external partner.
  • Introduction of Hytera body cameras, radios and Dispatcher.
  • Introduction of FastField reporting
  • Positive feedback from the Department for Transport.


Assist has supported SWR during several major public events. These include Notting Hill Carnival, New Year’s Eve, Railway Strikes, The Queens Funeral (Operation London Bridge), The Kings Coronation (Operation Golden Orb) and most recently Royal Ascot.

  • During Operation London Bridge Assist covered 1,275 shifts equating to 15,300 hours during the 11 days of mourning.
  • Assist often deploy a Network Response Team (NRT) team who operate across the network and aim to reduce crime and anti- social behaviour in known trouble spots
  • Assist have staffed over 99% of the shifts SWR have requested. With most requests received with less than 48 hours' notice of deployment.


  • Anti-Social Behavior: From people intoxicated on the trains/platforms, people riding bikes on platforms and people causing a nuisance and disturbing other passengers. The team responds to a wide range of Anti-Social Behaviour.
  • Smoking & Drugs: The team regularly encounter people smoking Vapes, cigarettes and taking drugs on the trains/platforms. We have also found people who we believe to have been under the influence of drugs and others who were potentially supplying drugs.
  • Tickets: We have often got involved with removing people from the network who do not have the appropriate ticket. Often these people are in larger groups and do not wish to be removed, making it difficult for the SWR guard when they are on their own to do this.
  • Unattended Baggage: The team often finds unattended baggage on the network. The team apply the HOT protocol to see if there is any immediate threat. If they deem that the bag provides no threat the bag is handed over to the nearest station team.
  • Safeguarding: The teams often come across vulnerable adults and children on the network. The team will try to find out if the person is ok and if they need any assistance. This topic is particularly relevant for the teams working on the railway due to the increase in gangs using children to transport drugs and money across the network.