Hotel Security

Five-Star Security Service for Luxury Hotels

In the dynamic world of luxury hospitality, where guest experience and safety are paramount, Assist Security Group (ASG) is a leader in bespoke security solutions. With its innovative 6-Point Security Solution, ASG sets a new standard in luxury hotel security in London and other locations, offering a suite of services that include meticulous security assessments, professional guarding and investigations, training and advanced security systems.

A Tailored Security Blueprint

At the heart of ASG’s approach is a deep understanding that luxury hotels are not just about opulence but about creating a secure, serene environment for discerning guests. This understanding drives ASG’s commitment to providing a tailored security blueprint for each hotel. Beginning with a comprehensive security assessment, ASG’s experts meticulously evaluate every facet of the hotel’s security needs, ensuring that the bespoke strategy developed is as unique as the hotel itself.

ASG Security Officers: Peak Professionalism

ASG’s manned guarding service is more than a security measure; it’s a statement of sophistication and professionalism. The officers, meticulously selected and trained, are not only adept in state-of-the-art security techniques but also embody the ethos of luxury hospitality. Their presence is discreet yet reassuring, offering guests and staff alike the comfort of knowing they are in a safe, well-protected environment.  

Advanced Security Systems: Discreet, Effective

In the luxury hotel sector, the elegance of the environment is as crucial as its security. ASG’s advanced security systems are designed to offer robust protection while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the hotel. From high-definition CCTV with intelligent video analytics to sophisticated access control systems, ASG employs cutting-edge technology that blends seamlessly with the luxurious surroundings.

The 6-Point Solution: A Comprehensive Approach

ASG’s 6-Point Security Framework is a holistic approach to hotel security. This framework encompasses People, Partnership, Protection, Prevention, Presentation and Planning, ensuring a comprehensive security strategy that addresses every potential risk to property and people, your guests, staff and other visitors. It’s a commitment to not just react to security threats but to anticipate and prevent them.

Over Three Decades of Expertise

Under the leadership of CEO Troy Hewitt, ASG’s expertise in security is unparalleled, shaped by over 30 years of collaboration with clients across various sectors. This extensive experience is particularly valuable in the luxury hotel sector, where understanding the unique risk landscape and client culture is crucial for developing effective, bespoke security strategies.

Choosing ASG: A Partnership in Excellence

Selecting ASG for luxury hotel security is a choice for 5-star service excellence. It’s a partnership with a team that is committed to professionalism, expertise, and exemplary service. There are specialist services for VIP protection and staff training. ASG’s approach ensures that luxury hotels are not just places of beauty and comfort but also havens of safety and security.

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