Case Study Guy’s And St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Overview of Partnership

Case Study Guy’s And St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
  • Assist provides physical security services to Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Barts Health NHS Trust .
  • Our security team is deployed to supplement the inhouse  core  security  team  as  well  as  provide additional  ad  hoc  security  during  major  events, sickness, and holidays.
  • The role of the officers is to create a safe environment within the hospital so that staff can deliver excellent care and their patients and visitors feel secure during a stressful time.
  • Our officers cover a wide range of services from fire watch, bed watch, A&E Security and working within the control room.

Providing security within a hospital presents a security team with many challenges. You are working in an environment with high footfall, dangerous items, vulnerable people and a potential terrorist target. To allow our officers to deliver the excellent service the trust requires we implement the following policies.


Management – It is important that our teams are well supported by our operations team. The team visits the site on a regular basis to visit both the staff and customer and to take onboard any feedback or criticism. Along with monthly KPI’s these visits allow us to view the service and implement changes and improvements.


Mindful Employer – Due to the work we do at the hospitals we have signed the mindful employer charter. As our staff work in a potentially traumatic and stressful environment it is important that our staff can get any assistance they need. This charter allows them to access a wide range of support (


Training – Working within the hospital creates unique challenges that our teams will come across. To combat these challenges, it is essential that you have a well-motivated and highly trained team. Our head of training Chris Morris has put together and delivered a comprehensive training programme that utilises face-to-face training, Toolbox Talks and 7Taps Training.


Recruitment – Given the type of environment that our staff will be working in it is vital that we recruit officers with the correct skills to work in a hospital. This includes people who are compassionate and able to deliver exceptional customer care.


Technology & Data – All our officers are equipped with body cameras; this helps reduce attacks on our staff and helps to gather evidence if an officer is attacked. We also gather data on incidents and this data is analysed to help us improve our service and reduce these types of incidents.