Entertainment Security

Safeguarding Visitor and Tourist Attractions


In the vibrant and dynamic world of visitor and tourist attractions, where the excitement of entertainment meets the necessity of security and protection, Assist Security Group (ASG) is a leader in providing bespoke security solutions. With its innovative 6-Point Security Solution, ASG sets a new standard in safeguarding visitor destinations in London and other cities and locations, ensuring a safe, enjoyable experience for every visitor, as well as staff.


Tailored Security for Unique Destinations


Whether it is a theme park or museum, aquarium or carnival, festival or stadium, ASG recognises that each attraction presents its own set of unique security challenges. From historical landmarks to modern entertainment complexes, the need for a tailored approach is paramount. ASG begins with a comprehensive security assessment, for the development of a strategy that respects the character and requirements of each venue. This bespoke approach ensures that security measures enhance, rather than detract from the visitor experience.


ASG Security Officers: Blending Security with Service


At the heart of ASG’s approach to visitor attraction security is its manned guarding service. These professionals are more than just security guards; they are ambassadors of the venue they protect. Trained in both security and customer service, they provide a reassuring presence, offering assistance and guidance to visitors while maintaining a vigilant watch. Security training is available too for your onsite teams.


Advanced Security Systems: Discreet yet Effective


ASG’s commitment to protecting visitor attractions extends to its use of cutting-edge security systems. These systems are designed to be discreet, preserving the aesthetic and historical integrity of the venues, while providing effective surveillance and protection. From strategically placed CCTV cameras to sophisticated access control systems, ASG employs technology that is as respectful as it is robust.


The 6-Point Solution: A Comprehensive Framework


The 6-Point Security Framework represents ASG’s holistic approach to security at visitor and tourist attractions. This framework addresses protection, prevention, presentation, planning, people, and partnership, ensuring a comprehensive strategy that covers every aspect of security. It’s a proactive approach, focusing on early risk detection and prevention, tailored to the unique needs of each venue.


Expertise and Experience: The ASG Advantage


Under the guidance of CEO Troy Hewitt and his team, ASG’s over 30 years of experience in the security sector becomes invaluable in the context of visitor attractions. This experience, coupled with a deep commitment to understanding the unique challenges of each venue, positions ASG as a leader in bespoke security solutions for attractions.


ASG: A Partnership in Protecting Attractions


Selecting ASG’s visitor and tourist attraction security services means choosing a partner committed to excellence. ASG’s dedication to professionalism, expertise, and top-class service is evident in every aspect of its operations. This commitment ensures that visitor attractions are not just secure, but also places where the joy and wonder of entertainment are enhanced by the peace of mind that comes with top-tier security.

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