Merlin Entertainment Case Study


Our teams often deal with difficult situations and therefore have won several internal awards. With the most recent award going to Neil Wilson London Eye’s Night Team Manager who was commended for helping rescue a woman who had fallen into the River Thames.

13th August 2023

  • On the morning of the 13th of August our team at the London Eye heard somebody shouting for help from the River Thames. Our officer Ataa U-Rahman Sarwar immediately contacted the control room to alert them that he believed somebody was in the water.
  • The control led by Neil Wilson quickly started to scan the water for the individual while alerting other officers to the pier to help with the search. The team quickly identified an individual in the water at which point Neil Wilson stepped up as the incident commander, leading and supporting the team while informing the emergency services without delay.
  • The team attempted to help the individual by throwing lifebuoys while also guiding the coast guard and emergency services to the individual.
  • They managed to get the individual out of the water and administered CPR to save their life, the individual left the site in an ambulance in a critical condition. The team's quick response helped to prevent a tragic incident from occurring.
Operations Manager Janos Szabo thanking Ataa U-Rahman Sarwar for his role in saving a person from the River Thames.
Operations Manager Janos Szabo thanking Neil Wilson.

Overview of Partnership

Merlin Entertainment Case Study
  • Assist provide Merlin Entertainments with a 24/7 physical security presence for the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Sea Life Aquarium London, London Dungeons and Shrek’s adventures.
  • We have had the contract since 2015 and recently signed a five-year contract extension to 2027.
  • The Security presence includes manning control rooms, performing searches on people and bags at entry points, patrolling the sites and helping visitors and guests.
  • The London Eye is the UK’s most popular paid tourist attraction and a ‘tier 1’ counter terrorism site. We work closely with both the local police and counter terrorism police.
  • We provide additional officers during the busy summer months and for events.