Forces Veterans in the Security Industry

Many job roles in the security industry attract veterans, who bring valuable skills from their military service. However, this group may be more susceptible to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Intersec magazine recently featured the work of charity PTSD Resolution in the field of mental health, and its collaboration with the industry to address the impact of trauma within the security community.


“The security industry in the UK benefits greatly from the significant number of ex-service personnel who transition into civilian roles within the sector”, said Jonathan Thomas, a partner at Assist Security Group (ASG) Protect and a former Royal Marine and current army reservist. He strongly believes veterans bring unique strengths and valuable skills to security positions.


Veterans’ military training and experience equip them with essential qualities such as discipline, trustworthiness, operational capability, and a strong work ethic. However, Thomas emphasises that their adaptability and problem-solving skills are the most crucial assets they bring to the security industry. 


Having faced complex challenges with limited resources during their military service, veterans are well-prepared to handle the unpredictable nature of security work. Their ability to anticipate threats and adapt to evolving situations, honed through military training, directly translates to their civilian security roles. 


Furthermore, the British forces foster creative problem-solving, enabling veterans to contribute innovative solutions to the challenges they encounter.


Veterans in Security Teams


The integration of veterans into civilian security teams introduces a valuable mix of perspectives, according to Thomas: 


“The combination of diverse backgrounds among personnel in our teams at ASG creates a balanced environment that promotes effective problem-solving and team cohesion. While some veterans may face challenges such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, their overall contribution to the workforce remains overwhelmingly positive. The resilience they have developed under the pressures of military service allows them to excel in various operational environments”.


Thomas highlights the importance of veterans’ adaptability in ASG’s work, which involves forecasting emerging threats, controlling risks, and developing customised security solutions tailored to clients’ specific environments. 


This adaptability ensures effective risk management and security measures are in place. He also notes that PTSD is increasingly well-managed through the work of PTSD Resolution and should not be seen as a hindrance to veterans’ success in the security industry. 


Moreover, Thomas believes that there is a social responsibility and a debt of gratitude within the industry and the wider community to support and employ service personnel.

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