Assist Security Group Sponsors OSPAs Outstanding New Security Product Award

Assist Security Group (ASG), a leading bespoke security solutions provider, sponsored the “Outstanding New Security Product” award at the 2024 Outstanding Security Performance Awards (UK OSPAs). The winner was URIM for its brand partner mobile app.


The awards celebrate the innovations and accomplishments that elevate service and performance in the security industry. The Outstanding New Security Product award recognises recently launched products that demonstrate technological advancements to enhance security and safety.  


“At ASG, we are passionate about leveraging innovation to better serve our clients,” said Troy Hewitt, CEO of ASG. “This award aligns perfectly with our mission to utilise the latest technologies and best practices to mitigate risks and create secure environments. Congratulations to URUM.”


The Outstanding New Security Product award winner was announced at the UK OSPAs ceremony on February 22, 2024 at the Royal Lancaster London. The judging panel considered factors such as measurable improvements to security outcomes, reliability, broader applicability across the industry, and the use of new technologies.


“The solutions recognised by this award take the industry a step further forward every year,” Hewitt continued. “ASG is committed to staying on the cutting edge, and we are proud to support an award that highlights pioneers in the field.” 


ASG provides customised security solutions for a range of industries including offices, hotels, retail, event management, and hospitals. Using a consultative partnership approach, ASG develops strategies aligned with each client’s unique needs and objectives. 


“By blending operational excellence with personable, collaborative service, our goal is to build trusted partnerships,” said Hewitt. “We enable clients to operate securely and successfully, whether by providing on-site personnel, close protection, corporate intelligence or the latest monitoring technologies.”


Security Innovation


The Outstanding New Security Product award has a judging process focused on tangible innovations that truly advance the security industry. Winning products must demonstrate measurable improvements to operational outcomes realised by customers. Judges look for clear evidence backing up claims of enhanced efficiency, response times, prevention, and other security goals.  


The award highlights products that leverage new technologies to create breakthrough security capabilities and performance. Winners must also exhibit robust, durable and reliable quality that proves effective in the real world. While accounting for user needs, judges favour solutions with versatility and broader applicability across security sectors.


Over the past decade, the Outstanding New Security Product award at the UK OSPAs has recognised various pioneering technologies:


– Video analytics, thermal cameras, and motion sensors for automated monitoring and threat detection, providing greater awareness while reducing manual oversight.


– Emergency response platforms and apps that enable rapid, streamlined communications and information sharing in crisis scenarios.


– Virtual/augmented reality systems that immerse security personnel in hyper-realistic training simulations for higher engagement and retention. 


– Hardware/software solutions centralising data flows, oversight, and regulatory compliance across distributed infrastructure, improving visibility.


– Artificial intelligence capabilities applied to areas like facial recognition, object detection, and predictive risk analytics.


– Two-way audio devices, drone surveillance, and gunshot detection to expand coverage and response capabilities.


– Cybersecurity services focused on proactive network monitoring, access controls, and attack simulation training.


– Smart wearables, badges, sensors, and trackers to pinpoint personnel locations and identities in real-time. 


About Assist Security Group 


Assist Security Group (ASG) is a leading provider of bespoke security solutions across the UK. ASG has delivered tailored strategies focused on protection, prevention, preparedness and partnership. Their mission is to provide operational excellence and personable collaboration using the latest innovations to mitigate risk and create secure environments for their clients.


For businesses seeking expert guidance on selecting innovative new security products or designing a customised security strategy, contact ASG today to learn more about their specialisations in event security, corporate security, hospital security, hotel security, railway security, luxury retail security, and tourist attraction security.


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