AI and Security in 2024

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) has been very prevalent in recent technology discussions. IFSEC Insider asked several experts in the security industry to provide their outlook on how AI could progress in security in 2024 and beyond and what barriers exist to widespread adoption.


A common theme is that AI tools, particularly machine learning algorithms, have strong potential to sift through large volumes of data and detect meaningful patterns and anomalies. This would significantly enhance monitoring, threat analysis, and assessment of vulnerabilities. Specific use cases mentioned include analysing security camera footage for risks, monitoring building occupancy, and flagging unusual access behaviours.


Some challenges holding AI adoption back that were raised include ensuring a realistic scope of AI abilities, anticipating adversarial techniques like deepfakes, and potential job disruption if poorly governed. However, most experts see AI not as directly replacing human security professionals but rather vastly improving productivity and effectiveness by taking over tedious tasks and providing complementary intelligence.


Looking ahead, better regulation, ethical governance, and edge processing for scalable deployment were cited as important for enabling innovation. The consensus seems to be that AI will be pivotal in transforming security operations in the years to come through enhanced automation, pattern recognition, predictive insights, and overall higher-quality intelligence. But key to long-term success is setting proper expectations, mitigating risks, and maintaining human oversight for critical decisions.


Troy Hewitt, CEO of Assist Security Group (ASG), commented: “While AI introduces fantastic capabilities, we cannot lose sight of the importance of human security professionals working in partnership with smart technologies. Clear governance and oversight are needed to ensure AI is deployed ethically and effectively to protect people and assets. New regulation and partnerships across the sector will be important to uphold safety while allowing AI to reach its potential.”


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