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Check Your Security Strategy

Boost the safety and security of your organisation with a Coffee & Security Catch-Up.

Review your security strategy with sector experts 

You may be reviewing your security plans, looking to resolve a specific issue or just want to know what’s new. Our interactive Coffee & Catch-Up is an opportunity to find out about the options and opportunities for the safety and security of your business this year, in your sector.

In this 60-minute workshop, an ASG security sector expert will:

• Review your business risks and vulnerabilities, in confidence

• Discuss Best Practice from our sector experience

• Consider new systems and processes to safeguard your organisation

• Create a personalised Security Strategy Roadmap for your business

Meet Your Hosts

Troy Hewitt


Troy is CEO of Assist Security Group, a strategic security advisor and team leader. He is a Board-level advisor to organisations that want to optimise their security direction, investment and operations, to support their commercial success. A key focus is understanding risk and identifying opportunities to find solutions that meet wider corporate goals. He is passionate about protecting people and assets through partnerships that add value.

Natalia Draghici

Security Partnerships Manager

Natalia is the Security Partnerships Manager at ASG and has an acute understanding of the security and commercial sector and current challenges for organisations looking for safety and security solutions that will maximise the ROI on their investment. She guides Coffee & Catch-Up attendees through a series of discovery questions to provide real insights into the options and opportunities for a safer, more secure working environment.

Jonathan Thomas

Risk Management Partner

Jonathan of ASG Protect is a former Royal Marine, expert in the 360-degree evaluation of organisational vulnerability and risk. He finds solutions that enable the seamless integration of immersive staff training, smart technology, and intelligence. This delivers practical risk management that clients fully own, for total self-sufficiency. Attendees at Coffee & Catch-Up come away with actionable next steps toward Enterprise Security Risk Management.

Rob High

Head Of Intelligence

Rob has a 15-year career working in the field of crisis management technology and Intelligence.  A firm believer in the value of actionable insights from Intelligence and the power of intelligence led decisions before , during and after a critical incident.  Rob can able help clients map their risk landscape and then develop regular reporting, briefings , training, and technology solutions to help mitigate those risks. Attendees at coffee and a catch up with Rob can expect to receive some actionable insights on how they can use Intelligence to mitigate risk.


You’ll come away with a fuller understanding of today’s security threats for your sector, how to mitigate risks, maintain compliance, and keep your company safe and productive.

  1. Situational analysis: We’ll review together your current security strategy, options and new opportunities.
  2. Return on Investment: Find out about our 6-Point security strategy to boost security, productivity and your business ROI.
  3. Personalised Security Strategy Roadmap for your business, to help you optimise your strategy.

This is a private, no-obligation Zoom workshop for you and your team facilitated by security specialists at ASG – About Us.

Schedule your Security Coffee & Catch Up

Don’t miss a valuable opportunity to engage with our ASG sector experts to review your current security, get insights on proven tactics, and discuss the latest technologies and approaches.

The 60-minute, no-obligation, interactive workshop is delivered privately via Zoom.

P.S. Your leadership, operations, and security teams will all benefit from attending.

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Book An Insight Session