Government Considers Tracking Bracelets to Combat Surge in Shoplifting

Shoplifting incidents have increased by 25% over the past year in England and Wales, reaching over 1,000 cases daily. In response, the government plans to take new measures to alleviate overcrowded prisons while cracking down on the spike in retail theft.


Media reports indicate that under proposed policies, minor shoplifting offences may soon require offenders to wear GPS-tracking ankle bracelets. The bracelets, already used for domestic abusers and burglars, would let police monitor a shoplifter’s location constantly.


“Retail theft impacts can raise prices, close shops, eliminate jobs and hurt families,” says Troy Hewitt, CEO of retail security provider Assist Security Group. He emphasised that collaborative partnerships are pivotal to solving the problem.


To combat retail crime, the government’s urgent action plan is expected to include adopting zero tolerance to shoplifting, investigating all cases where there are leads, such as from CCTV footage, and prioritising response when staff detain a shoplifter.


A new police operation called Project Pegasus will also launch, funded by 10 major retailers. It aims to identify and stop organised retail crime groups using innovative face-scanning technology and skilled security personnel.


Additionally, a new smartphone app called Disc enables retailers to share real-time shoplifter alerts and reports between businesses and 27 of 43 police forces.


Reflecting on Disc’s collaborative approach, Hewitt said: “Partnerships between retailers, police and security experts enable proactive protection through shared intelligence. Combining human insight with technology delivers a powerful advantage to reduce risks.”


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