Assist Security Group Partners with PTSD Resolution to Provide Trauma Awareness Training

Assist Security Group (ASG) is the first UK security company to partner with PTSD Resolution to run the mental health charity’s Trauma Awareness Training Course (TATE). This collaboration will support the mental health and well-being of ASG’s security officers.


The TATE workshop is designed to help security team leaders understand the symptoms of trauma and recognise any signs exhibited by their staff, that might result from exposure to violence or abuse. Through this programme, ASG’s leadership will be better equipped to signpost affected individuals to appropriate therapy, such as through PTSD Resolution’s nationwide network of therapists.


According to a 2020 study by the University of Portsmouth – the largest survey on this topic to date – 40% of the 750 UK security officers surveyed exhibited symptoms aligned to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Over 64% reported experiencing verbal abuse at least once a month, while 46% had been subjected to physical attacks, beatings or muggings during their careers.


Troy Hewitt, CEO of ASG, said: “At ASG, we are committed to ensuring the well-being of our staff and clients’ in-house retail and hospitality teams we train and work with. By partnering with PTSD Resolution to provide the TATE workshop, we are taking a proactive step in addressing the mental health challenges that too many security and other staff sadly face every day.”


PTSD Resolution was set up to provide therapy for armed forces veterans, reservists and their families who may be affected by post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health problems. With many veterans working in the security sector, PTSD Resolution began an initiative to work closely with professional associations in the industry, including ASIS, the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals, the City Security Council and others.


The security industry in the UK greatly benefits from the skills and experience that veterans bring to civilian roles, says Hewitt, and now the sector can benefit from PTSD Resolution’s expertise in addressing and resolving trauma. 


Veterans’ unique strengths, such as adaptability, problem-solving skills, and operational capability, make them valuable assets to the sector. However, it is crucial to acknowledge and address the potential challenges they may face, such as PTSD.


Jonathan Thomas, a partner at ASG Protect and a former Royal Marine, said, “Veterans bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the security industry. Their military training and experience equip them with essential qualities such as discipline, trustworthiness, and a strong work ethic. We must support their mental health – and that of all security officers working in the sector.”


Resolving Staff Trauma


The TATE workshop covers key topics such as recognising signs of post-traumatic stress, understanding the impact of trauma, developing coping strategies, and promoting a supportive work environment. The training sessions are designed to empower security team leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to support their team members effectively.


The TATE workshop is delivered through interactive sessions, combining expert insights from PTSD Resolution’s trainers with practical exercises and group discussions. Participants learn how to create a supportive work environment that encourages open communication about mental health and provides access to resources for further support.


The partnership between ASG and PTSD Resolution represents a further step forward in addressing mental health concerns within the security industry, said Hewitt. By prioritising the well-being of their staff and implementing proactive measures like the TATE workshop, ASG aims to help set a new standard for the industry and inspire other employers.


“The impact of this initiative extends beyond ASG’s teams. By prioritising mental health support, we want to encourage retail, hospitality, health service and other organisations that employ customer staff, who may be exposed to abuse or violence, to create a culture of openness and support .”


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About Assist Security Group:

Assist Security Group (ASG) is a leading provider of bespoke security solutions, serving clients across various sectors, including luxury hotels, retail, entertainment and hospitality, and corporate environments. With over 30 years of experience, ASG is dedicated to mitigating risks and creating safe environments where clients can thrive.


About PTSD Resolution:

PTSD Resolution is a charity that provides therapy and support to UK veterans and their families who are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through its network of trained therapists, PTSD Resolution aims to help individuals overcome the challenges associated with trauma and improve their overall well-being.


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