Assist Security Group Launches Comprehensive 6-Point Security Solution

Assist Security Group (ASG), a leading provider of bespoke retail and corporate security services, has launched its new 6-Point Security Solution – an innovative framework designed to provide clients with tailored, comprehensive security focused on protection, prevention, presentation, planning, people, and partnership.


The unique branded system offers an end-to-end approach to address the complex and diverse security needs of ASG’s clients across sectors including entertainment, hospitality, retail, events, rail, healthcare and more.


“In today’s landscape, security threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Our clients rightfully have mounting concerns about protecting their staff, assets, reputation and ability to operate safely. This requires going beyond a reactive, one-size-fits-all approach to security,” said Troy Hewitt, CEO of Assist Security Group.


He continued, “Our 6-Point Security Solution is the culmination of over 30 years’ experience collaborating closely with clients to deeply understand their unique risk landscape, goals and culture. This enables us to provide bespoke strategies focused on early risk detection and prevention. We match robust protection with an emphasis on professionalism, expertise and delivering exemplary service.”


The key components of the 6-Point Security Solution include:


1. Protection

Assist Security Group provides protection services for all personnel at venues and events, including staff, visitors and contractors. Additionally, close protection can be provided 24-7, including during travel, for VIPs and senior personnel, ensuring their safety and well-being in all situations. 

2. Prevention

Prevention is a crucial aspect of security, and Assist Security Group offers professional corporate security services to hotels and the corporate sector. This emphasises advanced security surveys and proactive measures to prevent security breaches and incidents, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

3. Presentation

Assist Security Group partners with 5-star hotels and luxury retail clients to provide safe and effective security solutions for their venues, supporting staff and enhancing the customer experience. A professional and discreet security presence brings value to premium brands by providing continuing reassurance.


4. Planning

Security consulting is a key service offered by Assist Security Group and ranges from security audits to providing expert spectator safety consultants for major events. The focus is on thorough risk assessments, contingency planning, and coordination with relevant stakeholders to ensure the smooth and safe execution of operations and events.


5. People

Assist provides a highly trained and experienced team of security professionals. The People component emphasises staff care and development and best practices in security management and training. This includes bespoke courses that are run for clients’ teams, with a full assessment of current capabilities and training needs.

6. Partnership

Assist Security Group works closely with clients in key sectors, including hospitality and healthcare, to provide reliable and safe security services. Protection through Partnership emphasises building strong relationships with clients and their staff, as well as with the police and other authorities, understanding their needs, and delivering customised security solutions that exceed expectations.


Hewitt emphasised that this framework provides a consistent structure for clients that simplifies communication while ensuring all aspects of security are addressed.


“With the 6-Point Security Solution, clients can have total confidence that ASG brings together technological innovation with human expertise to tackle emerging challenges. We enable our clients across diverse industries to operate freely and focus on their core business, by taking security concerns off their plate.”


As part of its commitment to supporting security staff, ASG provides benefits including 24-7 access to GPs, counselling, and financial advice. It has also signed the Mindful Employer charter on workplace mental health and wellbeing.


For clients, the key advantages of the 6-Point Security Solution include tailored strategies matching world-class protection with a personalised approach, comprehensive coverage of all security needs, expertise across specialised divisions, streamlined communication, and a competitive edge.


“Ultimately, our role is to understand and mitigate risks so clients can thrive safely. As an established and responsive security partner for over 30 years, ASG offers an enhanced ability to collaborate through this innovative framework. We invite clients to get in touch and see how our 6-Point Security Solution can address their unique security requirements,” concluded Hewitt.

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